Deben Radio

Deben Radio

Deben Radio is no longer available as an internet radio station.

We would like to say a heart warming thank you to all those who have contributed in which ever way possible to making what Deben Radio had become, developing skills, knowledge and building confidence for many and appreciated by the local community in so many ways.


We would like to share with you some feedback received from some of our listeners and supporters:- 

Deben Radio offers a valuable community resource both in providing a platform for volunteers to develop their skills and talent, and as a method of stimulating local activity and community pride. The tireless dedication of the team is to be applauded.
The breadth of the programming engages a wide spectrum of the local community. They also actively participate in a number of local community events such as the Woodbridge Carnival and Easter Egg Hunt.
I am writing to thank you for interviewing me on your amazing radio show. I am so impressed by the quality and depth of the interview, indeed I have been interviewed many times and this is outstandingly the best. Our recording has had nearly a thousand hits in just a few weeks and I think this reflects the high standards and professionalism inherent in the volunteers whose skill and dedication is most obvious.
The project has also been good for library staff and customers who are gaining confidence in talking about books and authors on the show, learning new presenting and recording skills and trying out different program formats. Woodbridge Library benefits tremendously from being involved with Deben Radio, it enables us to reach a wider audience- including non-library users, listeners can engage with library staff passively or via the blog or radio website.
We need a local voice, and a local radio is the place to do it
In light of the lack of a proper local newspaper in the station's area, a local community radio station such as Deben Radio has to be a must in helping to join disparate parts of a rural community such as we have in this corner of Suffolk. It acts as a platform to inform, promote and enliven the area, making and maintaining vital links of communication in a newly digital age.
Deben Radio really seems to give back to the commuity it works in through volunteers opportunities and the training it provides. 
I was taught some very interesting and detailed information about broadcasting in a very subtle and relaxed atmosphere. It was a great learning experience.
Increasingly important to encourage people to feel involved in their communities in a rural area like this to mitigate the effects of rural isolation. Easier via the radio to engage people who cannot travel as much as they would like due to travel costs are increasing and transport such as local buses are being cut.
Thank you all.
Deben Radio Team


Registered Address

Deben Radio CIC
UK Registered Number 7330327
Office: Holly Tree House, Low Road, Marlesford, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP13 0AN


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